The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning with a Tineco Vacuum

Tineco Vacuum easily cleans up dry or wet spills on hard floors. Its intelligent sensor technology allows it to adapt the water flow, brush roller speed, and suction to clean different types of messes. You can simultaneously mop and vacuum your floors! You will add water and an optional cleaning solution to the freshwater tank before you begin. And you drain the used water tank after you’re done.

Different Modes for Various Needs in Cleaning

Smaller, faster cleaning tasks are the focus of trigger mode. For a hands-free way to clean the entire house, use the Continuous Power mode.

Very Silent Function

You may use the vacuum around kids and dogs without worrying about upsetting them because of its silent operation, which is made possible by its brushless motor and air flow engineering.

50% Greater Capacity Dustbin with One-Touch Emptying

The 50% bigger trashcan is fully detachable and reusable, with a volume of 0.6 liters. All it takes is one button press to release trapped dirt.

Dock Wall-Mount’

The A11 Series vacuum is perfect for modern areas because of its crystal-clear body and sleek appearance. Charging and storing are now a breeze with the wall-mount dock.

Details about Tineco Vacuum

Home furnishings are always in style and need. These are among the rare things that are updated and offered for sale regularly. Every household needs domestic items to make the lives of its members easier and more comfortable. Some may operate manually without energy, while others may be electronic. They consist of cleaning supplies, networking electronics, and cookware. The development of cleaning tools has made cleaning easier for both men and women.

The washing machine, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaner—among the best multipurpose appliances—are just a few of the amazing inventions. Any type of surface, including stairs and cars, can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, including wood and carpeted floors.

Brushless Motor 450W for Strong Suction

The 450W brushless motor offers five times the power of standard DC motor vacuum cleaners and produces a whisper-quiet, powerful suction for carpets and hard floors. In Max mode, the motor can reach 120W for 24 minutes.

Three Settings for Power

Three power options to choose from for a personalized clean. Max mode eliminates deeply ingrained filth, while suction modes I and II are good for regular cleaning.

A four-stage sealed HEPA filtration system effectively captures 99.97% of dust particles, releasing only fresh air that is free of allergens and without any fine dust leakage.

Separate Battery Pack

For cleaning the entire house, a removable 2500mAH Lithium battery offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

Simple Handheld Conversion

Tineco vacuum easily transforms into a handheld vacuum with attachments to clean car interiors, stairs, cracks, and more.

Features of Tineco Vacuum

The Tineco vacuum has multiple features that you should know before buying and using it.

Self-Propelled and Lightweight

It makes mopping and cleaning simple because it is lightweight and self-propelled. You can practically move the mop with it! also notifies you when your floor is clean and soiled.

The Roller Cleans Itself

The inner tubing and brush roller are automatically flushed by the hands-free, self-cleaning feature, saving you the trouble! Simply place the vacuum on the charger after each usage, and it will prompt you to begin the self-cleaning cycle. All it takes is a button push to clean the roller and flush away hair, debris, and grime.

System for Cleansing Freshwater

You are doing more than merely shifting dirt. This cleaning technique makes sure that a clean roller brush is used to wash the floors. Along the way, it gathers garbage. Thanks to the dual tank system, you are constantly cleaning with fresh water, which keeps dirty and clean water separate.

Long Battery Life and Cordless Vacuum

You can clean up to 2500 square feet with a single charge, according to Tineco. It can clean about 1500 square feet of solid surface area, and its battery has never been dangerously near to dying. 

Incredibly Simple to Use

This instructs you on what to do. It will turn off and instruct you to empty the filthy water tank if it becomes too full. It will act in the same way if your freshwater tank is low. The clever sensor will modify its cleaning if it comes across sticky messes or an unclean area, and the digital readout will turn red to notify you.

Quick and Streak-free Drying

This mop boasts a water recovery rate of more than 90%, claims Tineco. All I know is that my floors dry virtually immediately.

It Adds Pleasure to Mopping

It is quite simple to use—instead of perspiring while pushing a mop, you can essentially stand there and watch your floors get cleaned!

Dust and Soil Are Absent

Cleaning the house will undoubtedly reveal strewn-about debris and dust that is challenging to remove. Not to mention that the house gets filthy and unclean quite rapidly in windy weather. Without a doubt, cleaning your home will take more time.

Capable of Reaching Room’s Hidden Angles

When cleaning the house, the little spaces that are hard to reach, such as the undersides of your furniture, frequently disappear. Not to mention that traditional cleaning tools like brooms have a hard time getting to the areas. But it won’t be a big deal if you use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.


But fear not—you can easily remove dust and debris from your home by using a Tineco vacuum. This machine has a disposal tank where cleaned dust and grime are collected after being vacuumed up. The drainage area only has to be cleaned regularly once your entire home is cleaned. This vacuum cleaner’s function is quite helpful because it can swiftly and easily reach all of your home’s hidden corners. Not to mention the feature that allows you to customize the shape of the suction funnel to fit the unique conditions of the nooks and crannies of your house. This will greatly improve the efficacy and time efficiency of cleaning your house.

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