The Pros and Cons of Owning a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Consider cordless vacuums, sometimes referred to as stick vacuums, if you’ve been looking for the ideal vacuum for your house. Because these incredibly portable and battery-operated vacuums don’t need unsightly cables to obstruct your path while you’re cleaning like mad, they’re perfect for travel or storage. Dyson cordless vacuum ought to be the main factor to take into account when comparing models. Though many people avoid battery-powered vacuums because they think they’re weaker, Dyson’s cordless vacuums are the strongest available, so don’t write them off.

Pros: Compact Design, Wireless Power


Undoubtedly, the primary attraction of a cordless vacuum is, well, its cordless nature! This implies that you won’t have to deal with awkwardly positioned or excessively short cords when cleaning. Just charge it when not in use, then use it when you’re prepared. You can also move around baseboards, corners, and under furniture with ease because of the distinctive stick form.


Weighing only 4.5 pounds, the Dyson V6 is the brand’s lightest cordless vacuum. These cordless vacuums are a great option if you want a single vacuum that you can carry around your entire home, including your covered porch, upstairs, and downstairs. Because they fit neatly in your trunk, they’re also ideal for situations in which you need to transport your cleaning products. For more flexible use, some can also be transformed into handheld vacuums.


As was already noted, Dyson produces the strongest cordless vacuums available; the higher-end Dyson V8 model, for example, has 115 air watts of power and can provide up to 40 minutes of fade-free, strong suction. These vacuums’ lightweight and powerful design makes them ideal for cleaning ceilings and ceiling fans.


Because they come with HEPA filters, Dyson and select Miele stick vacuums are a little different from the others. High-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, air filters are essentially ones that capture larger amounts of airborne particles. This guarantees that the bulk of the dust, debris, and allergies in your home will be removed by your vacuum. Asthma and allergy sufferers can safely use Dyson cordless vacuums.

With Ease, Empty the Trash Can

Dustbins on cordless vacuum models are usually made to be easily emptied. The contents of the Tineco A11 Hero and current Dyson models are ejected straight into the garbage. 

Vacuums Without Cords are Adaptable and Customizable

With the modular, interchangeable attachments that many cordless vacuums provide, you can customize the device to fit your demands, such as reaching high areas or baseboard tops, or to be smaller.

A Dyson cordless vacuum can be converted into an extremely maneuverable handheld vacuum that is ideal for cleaning stairs and confined spaces by removing the long wands and then reattaching the cleaning heads.

Con: Pricey and With Some Restrictions

More Expensive

Dyson products are among the priciest stick vacuums available. While the entry-level Dyson can cost as much as $400, you can buy reasonably priced cordless vacuums by Eureka, Bissell, and Shark for less than $100.

Charge Required

Another major drawback of any cordless vacuum is that it is battery-operated, which has advantages and disadvantages. Stopping and recharging could be a pain if you have to sweep at maximum power for longer than forty minutes.

Smaller Capacity 

Compared to upright or canister models, the stick vacuum has a smaller capacity to hold dirt and dust because of its smaller size. As a result, more often than with other vacuums, you will need to stop and empty the bin.

How Can I Pick the Best Dyson Vacuum

Dyson is well known for their meticulous engineering and design processes. It’s interesting to know that this brand also produces some of the top flat irons and hair dryers. Before making a Dyson purchase, keep the following things in mind:

The Dimensions of Your House

Consider a lightweight, handheld, Dyson cordless vacuum if your house is small. A larger model won’t be necessary because you won’t need its increased power, dust bin area, or size, and you’ll probably save a ton of money.

On the other hand, a Dyson vacuum with a larger dust bin, strong suction, and the capacity to effortlessly clean various floor types should be purchased by anyone who has to vacuum a greater area.

Force of Suction

In the case of suction, more is always preferable, particularly when combined with a HEPA filter’s capacity to capture particles for noticeably cleaner air within your house.

Duration of Work

Look for a Dyson vacuum with a minimum 60-minute runtime if you’re thinking about getting a cordless model and you have a large cleaning area. Nobody likes to restart their cleaning binge by forgetting to charge their vacuum, after all!

Flexibility of Movement

Choose a vacuum with a swiveling head or a lightweight, portable design if you have to fit it between pieces of furniture in a small space.

Characteristics and Add-ons

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner has special qualities of its own, such as the capacity to collect tiny particles, a lightweight design, and an oversized dust bin. To choose the ideal model for your home, compare and contrast the models that capture your eye since they come with different cleaning accessory bundles.

Room for Storage

Larger homes can readily accommodate a larger corded vacuum; however, condos, apartments, and other smaller spaces could be better served by a sleeker, wall-mounted cordless vacuum.


One of your greatest selections is the Dyson cordless vacuum if you value portability, lightweight, and ease of moving. These Dyson models are a great choice for many individuals and families, including those with pets, because of their allergy-friendly design and adaptability, which includes the ability to convert into a hand vacuum and their strength for cleaning up high areas. However, the cordless vacuum might not be the greatest option if you have a tight budget or need to be able to vacuum for longer than 40 minutes at a time. To talk with a vacuum specialist who can help you with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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